Trump, Putin and a strange case of political infatuation
Roula Khalaf
Financial Times

 I managed to beat Donald Trump by spending more time in the company of Vladimir Putin. Well, sort of. Over the weekend, the US president sat with Mr Putin in Hamburg for a two-hour meeting. I, on the other hand, listened to Mr Putin for four hours while lounging on my sofa, watching Oliver Stone’s lavish documentary on the Russian leader.

التغييرات في خرائط المنطقة وفقاً لمراجع أميركية
عادل مالك
جريدة الحياة

 إنه أسبوع «داعشي» بامتياز في أكثر من موقع واتجاه.

من مدينة الموصل في العراق كانت البداية عندما أعلن البغدادي خلافته على «الدولة الإسلامية». ومن الموصل ذاتها كانت «النهاية»، هذا إذا صدقت المعلومات التي توافرت خلال الساعات القليلة الماضية.
عندما اعتلى أبوبكر البغدادي منصة المسجد معلناً مبايعة نفسه خليفة على «الداعشيين»، تراءى كأننا أمام مسرحية تلفزيونية عن حقبة من حقبات العصر الجاهلي. ومن الموصل كان «الإقلاع النضالي»! وفيها قضي على خلافته المزعومة.
نسبية منتقصة واكثري مبتور مع "رشة" لوتو‎
فريد الخازن
جريدة النهار

 قانون الانتخاب الجديد يصلح ان يكون ماركة مسجلة في الهيئة الدولية للابتكارات الانتخابية (في حال وجدت). قانون يجمع بين نسبية منتقصة واكثري مبتور. ولانه نتاج اللحظات الاخيرة لتفادي الازمة، جاء القانون مشوهاً وملتبساً. هذا الخليط غير المتجانس جعل احتساب الاصوات مسألة معقدة، والضحية أصوات المقترعين الموزعة في معادلات حسابية لا تخلو من الاستنسابية، مع مراعاة الخصوصيات المعروفة. 

What Assad Has Won
New York Times

 The Arab springs are nearly all out of season; everywhere except in Tunisia, they are aging poorly.

In the beginning, after a popular uprising, it was the dictator who fled, by airplane, as did president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia in early 2011. Now it’s the opposite that is happening: It’s the people who are fleeing, for instance from Syria, by sea and land.
Of Allah, Charity and Taxes
Mohammed Hanif
New York Times

The Muslim holy month ends this weekend, and hey, happy Eid to everyone. Some people will be relieved. In the lead-up to it, many affluent people in Pakistan visit their bank and fill out a form asking to be exempted from having zakat, an Islamic charitable tax, deducted from their accounts. By law, during this period the government is entitled to collect zakat from people whose assets reach a minimum threshold, and place it in a welfare fund for the needy. 

The Young and Brash Saudi Crown Prince

New York Times

 Long ruled by an ossified gerontocracy, Saudi Arabia could soon be in the hands of a 30-something who may be more in tune with the nation’s overwhelmingly young population but whose impetuousness and hard-line foreign policy have raised concerns about whether he is ready for the top leadership post.

Israel-Palestine From Both Sides of the Mirror
Roger Cohen
New York Times

 Palestinians cross an Israeli checkpoint in Bethlehem, in the West Bank, on Friday. Credit Mussa Issa Qawasma/Reuters

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Israeli victory in the 1967 war and of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. The jubilation of military victory, quicker and more comprehensive than seemed possible, has long since subsided into a grinding status quo: the oppression of 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank, the confrontation with 1.8 million in encircled Hamas-run Gaza and the corrosion of Israeli democracy that accompanies this extended exercise in dominion. Often called unsustainable, the occupation has proved altogether sustainable.
The siege of Qatar isn’t working

The Economist

 WHAT is it like to be under siege in Qatar? For a sense of the hardship, consider the tongue-in-cheek Twitter feed @DohaUnderSiege. It reports that at the Four Seasons hotel in Doha, the capital, the chocolate fountain has “slowed to a drizzle”; some guests are hoarding caviar; and “escape yachts” are being prepared.

The rise and fall of maverick Qatar
Roula Khalaf
Financial Times

 It was June 2013 and the small emirate of Qatar was flexing its diplomatic muscles across a Middle East in revolutionary ferment while splashing its gas-fuelled billions on flashy overseas investment. Riding on a high, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the emir, threw a bombshell into the sclerotic political order in the Gulf: he abdicated in favour of his 33-year-old son Tamim. It was the ultimate proof of Qatar’s maverick spirit.

Theresa May reaches out to business as Brexit tensions escalate
George Parker and Roula Khalaf
Financial Times

 Theresa May has vowed to consult business at every step of Brexit negotiations, including on devising a new migration strategy, as she tried to defuse tensions between corporate leaders and Downing Street.

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الغاء الطائفية السياسية التي هي السبب الجوهري في تأخر البلاد.      اعتبار الرشوة في الانتخابات جناية والتشدد في معاقبة مرتكبيها.       اخضاع النائب لمراقبة ديوان المحاسبة بالنسبة لموارده ومصاريفه، ولمحكمة الاثراء غير المشروع لتأكيد صفة النزاهة      عدم الجمع بين الوزارة والنيابة ، واسقاط النيابة عن كل من يتولى الوزارة.      وضع قانون يحدد سن تقاعد النواب عند الرابعة والستين لتمكين الجيل الجديد من الدخول والتمثل ، دورياً في المجلس النيابي.   
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