Emmanuel Macron lays down the gauntlet to Lebanon’s corrupt elite
David Gardner
Financial Times

 Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, descended on a prostrate Lebanon this week for the second time since the gigantic explosion shredded central Beirut. His message to the corrupt political elites that have brought the country to its knees was clear: reform and we will help you; resist change and there will be no aid — and we will punish you with individually targeted sanctions.

لبنان الكبير بين البقاء والفناء
د. عباس الحلبي - نداء الوطن
نداء الوطن

 يَحتَفِلُ اللبنانيّون باليوبيل المئوي لإعلان دولة لبنان الكبير، وفي قلوبهم غصّة على وطنٍ مُزِّقَ، وعاصِمةٍ فُجِّرَت، ودولةٍ فُكِّكت أوصالها، حتّى باتوا وكأنّهم في عدادِ المترقِّبينَ لجنازةٍ لم تصل بعد، يردّدون مع القدّيس أوغوسطينوس الفيلسوف ما قاله عن ابن صديقه، ليُعزّي قلبه: "كنّا نخشى 

"نغمة" إعادة الأموال المهرّبة أو المحوّلة الى الخارج: توقّع عودة 521 مليون دولار في الحدّ الأقصى!
مكرم صادر
جريدة النهار

 تردّد الطبقة السياسية بإصرار وبعناد شديدين مقولة الأموال المهرّبة والمحوّلة الى الخارج من قِبل أصحاب الودائع الكبيرة وأصحاب المصارف ومديريها الكبار. أما الأموال "المهرّبة"، فتشير الى أموال مشبوهة المصدر وناتجة من الفساد المستشري في البلاد، والقائمون بتهريبها هم إما سياسيون 

A sudden burst of interest in Lebanon
Riad Tabbarah
Daily star

 The wide emotional response to the horrible explosion that took place on Aug. 4 in the port of Beirut was interpreted, by many Lebanese, as evidence that the presumed informal economic siege, placed on Lebanon by the international community since the formation of the Hezbollah-

The United Arab Emirates has become a force in the Middle East

The Economist

 It was not quite Anwar Sadat speaking before the Knesset, or King Hussein and Yitzhak Rabin clutching hands in the Rose Garden. That would not have been Muhammad bin Zayed’s style. The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (uae), announced on August 13th, was hashed out quietly by spies and sheikhs and unveiled largely on Twitter. It made the uae the first Gulf country and only the third Arab state to open formal relations with Israel. Yet it had all the pomp and circumstance of a tariff agreement.

The Arab countries most likely to recognise Israel

The Economist

   “Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates’ lead,” said President Donald Trump on August 13th, when the uae became just the third Arab state (after Egypt and Jordan) to establish formal ties with Israel. The move was greeted with approval by several of the region’s leaders, who have long had secret dealings with the Jewish state. So who will be next to bring them into the open?

Israel-UAE deal helps Netanyahu and Trump, but not peace

Financial Times

 Donald Trump’s unexpected announcement of a “historic” peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is certainly a turn-up for the books. 

The US president doubtless hopes it will help his struggling campaign for re-election in November. 
Ripped chemical bags added to risk of Beirut blast

Financial Times

 Lebanese officials knew that more than half the bags of a 2,750-tonne stockpile of ammonium nitrate that caused a deadly explosion in Beirut were damaged six years ago, but took no action to dispose of the chemical. 

Pity the ruined nation of Lebanon

Financial Times

 The fall of the Lebanese government, after the cataclysmic explosion that obliterated the port of Beirut last week, might be seen in ordinary countries as the necessary prelude to a new start. It is nothing of the sort. In the aftermath of the disaster, I have met no sentient citizen of this stricken nation deluded enough to suggest it might be. 

A Geopolitical Earthquake Just Hit the Mideast

New York Times

 For once, I am going to agree with President Trump in his use of his favorite adjective: “huge.”

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لا يقوم العدل الا بتأمين العدالة وتوفير الاجهزة التي تقوم بتحقيق هذه العدالة      التعصب هو مصيبة الدنيا وآفة الدين ومهلكة الانسان      نحلم بسياسيين ورجال دولة همّهم الوحيد تنظيم هذه الدولة لا تفكيك عرى انتظامها وتطبيق مبادئ العدالة الاجتماعية      نحلم بالمسؤول الذي يتجرأ على توقيف كل لبناني يقوم بتحريض طائفي      رجل الدولة الحقيقي يجب ان تكون له دائماً عين على المبادئ يستلهم منها مواقفه وتصرفاته وعين اخرى على الواقع المحيط بتطبيقها      المطلوب ان تتحول المؤسسات الاقتصادية الى مؤسسات انسانية لأن "الاقتصاد" في النهاية ليس غاية بل وسيلة لتحقيق الانسان      لا حرية لمواطن فيما ينتقص من حرية الاخرين المشروعة      لا يهمني ان يقول الناس انهم تركوا كمال جنبلاط وحده، اعتزازي هو انني كنت ولا أزال دائماً وحدي، ولم ادخل يوماً في سياق آكلي الجبنة السياسية
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